About Kwekerij RIMATO


‘Kwekerij Rimato’ started in 2005 when the brothers Richard and Marcel van der Knaap built a new greenhouse on the Zwethlaan in Honselersdijk.

In 2005 6.7 hectares were built and in 2009 another 8 hectares. Altogether the area of Kwekerij Rimato is 14.7 hectares. In our greenhouse we grew two types of tomatoes. The first ones were large tomatoes on the vine, and the second ones were cherry tomatoes. Our large tomatoes on the vine had a high quality and a beautiful shape. Our cherry tomatoes look nice and have the best taste a tomato ever had. Since October 2016 we only grow cherry tomatoes. In the menu on the right you can click on an item you want to know more about.